We guarantee our Landlords rental income for 52 weeks of the year. No voids. No fees. Ever!

When most of our landlords take advantage of our service and benefit from the service, we have found that they never leave us, and instead choose to extend their contracts over and over again. We work hard to consistently retain the best standards in all areas.

When you decided to rent your property, we bet you never bargained for all the hassle that came with it.

Our mission at Ollivers is to provide landlords with a ‘set and forget’ service. Set the property up and leave it to us to take care of EVERYTHING – all you have to do is check  your bank each month.

We are not like high street agents – in fact we couldn’t be more different! Can you imagine a high street agent offering to refurb your property or arranging a fortnightly cleaner or gardener? We take such great care of the properties, that they are often returned in better condition on the rare times that we are asked to return one to the owner.

How do we do it? Well for one thing, we don’t have the overheads most agents have.

Nicola & Martin

“What About The Tenants?”

We have been both landlords and agents for a long time and therefore really understand the importance of selecting the best quality tenants for the property. All of our tenants are young professionals who are thoroughly vetted prior to moving in.

To Good to be True?

Some landlords have initially said no to us as they can’t see where we would make our money, and experience has taught them how tough this industry can be! As we said it’s a simple concept – This is how we do it:

  • With the benefits and guarantees we offer, we pay you a reduced rate.
  • As you can see from the chart, you actually earn more at the end of the month.
  • We become completely responsible for management, with all/any risks.
  • The high end service we offer attracts slightly higher rents.

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